Asheville Neurology Pharmacy

Patient Care

Our pharmacy works closely with your healthcare team to provide the best service and convenience. Our highly experienced and clinically trained pharmacy staff acts as a bridge between you, your physician, your insurance company, and others involved in your treatment plan.

As your pharmacy, Asheville Neurology Pharmacy offers:

  • Your prescription is sent to the pharmacy electronically so you can start therapy sooner and avoid waiting in long lines at retail pharmacies.
  • We stock your neurological medications and they can be picked up after your office visit.
  • We offer free delivery of your prescriptions to your home.
  • We provide status updates and a refill reminder program.
  • We provide counseling and detailed instructions on how to take your medications correctly, as well as how to manage side effects.
  • Friendly and personalized service – speak with our pharmacist directly who knows you and your physician and understands your neurological care needs.

Pharmacy Care Team

Austin Burris, PharmD

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the Asheville Neurology Pharmacy pharmacist, Austin Burris, PharmD. Austin can answer questions on medications from Asheville Neurology as well as those prescribed elsewhere and OTC needs. Please do not hesitate to contact the pharmacy at (828) 463-3450.

Pharmacy Contact Information

731 Dogwood Road Suite 101 Asheville, NC 28806

8:00am – 5:00pm       Monday – Thursday

8:00am – 2:30pm       Fridays

Phone: 828-463-3450 | Fax: 828-276-7307